Appearances Can Be Deceiving

Do you ever wonder why some days it seems like there are only hot shirtless guys in the group? And then others, it seems like everybody's dog died?

You're not alone. In fact, generalizations about the group based on flawed impressions are probably our most frequent complaint. Members who don't realize how Facebook Groups work sometimes make quick judgements about us based on what they see first. But why?

See, Facebook Groups were originally designed for more intimate groups like family or close friends. Groups differ from Pages in that group content is "force-fed" to group members, in other words, "pushed" into group members' news feeds based on whichever posts are trending in the group (most recent or most liked posts). As a result, the most liked posts are served the most often.

Even though these posts often get served first, the reality is that, combined, they account for less than 5% of all groups posts. Scroll through 100 posts and see for yourself. You wouldn't generalize or stereotype a group of 100 people based on meeting just 5 of them. So please don't do that in DWD.

Until we move to a different platform where members opt-in to view a person's posts rather than get force-fed them, please remember to vote with your likes and comments. In other words, tell Facebook what you think should be trending. Like the less-popular posts, and scroll to view the lesser-viewed ones because the vast majority of our members reside in the 95%.