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Christopher Rolczynski

After three years and 5+ different website templates, we've finally picket yet another and hope you like it. We have a number of sometimes conflicting objectives, which makes it really hard to find a template that satisfies all of the following:

1. Communicate with our DWD community members. Perhaps you didn't know this, but for some sh*tty reason, Facebook removes all effective communication tools from groups over 5000 members. That means for the last couple years, we've been unable to message you. We don't know your email address. We've built this huge network and yet through lack of communication, our initiatives, events, and product launches all tend to fail just because we can't get the message out. We've found that directing you to our website is the most effective way to circumvent that problem. But you can help us (and yourself) even further by providing your email address. Just enter it at the bottom of any page.

2. Provide a public face to DWD. Since DWD Community is a private community, we want our website to give the public, our partners, and the media a place where they can learn about who we are and for what we stand.

3. Generate revenue. Since we chose a free platform, it's been fairly easy growing our community, but generating any sort of revenue has been a lot harder. So we've worked really hard to develop a brand and product line that's both meaningful to our members and fun for dog lovers everywhere. Hopefully this template better shows off all of our hard work and encourages you to support us by picking up t-shirt, keychain, or cellphone case.

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