Dudes With Dogs® - Volume 1 Hardcover Book

Dudes With Dogs® - Volume 1 Hardcover Book

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Dudes With Dogs® - Volume 1 Hardcover Book

After hearing suggestions for years to release a calendar or book, we're finally doing it! And we couldn't be more proud of the results.

Dudes With Dogs - Volume 1 contains over 80 photos showing the undeniably magnetic connection between man and his best friend that makes our community so special. Each began as a user-submitted photo shared within our community, but rather than be allowed to fall into the social network abyss, each was selected, edited, branded, and compiled by our founder, Chris Rolczynski.

Dudes With Dogs - Volume 1 captures in photographs the importance of WITH (DWD.is/with) that our community is all about. Now the beauty of Dudes With Dogs doesn't have to stay locked up in your phone. It can also sit on your coffee table. And your friend's coffee table. And your mom's. You get the idea. :)

90 pages, 6"x6"x0.5"

Note: Please make a note on your order if you'd like Chris to sign it, and for whom.

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