The Drools

The Drools are our manifesto, core values, and ten commandments. Since nobody likes rules, we call them Drools. Because dogs.

1. Dudes With Dogs are authentic.

Dudes With Dogs (DWDs) are real men (women, and others) who love dogs and desire the camaraderie and friendship of others in our community. We don't hide behind fake names or other artifice. We desire to be truly known for our dog-loving selves.

2. Dudes With Dogs are inclusive.

Though we began as a social group for gay men, we pride ourselves on inclusion. It doesn’t matter whom you love, or how you identify, all we require is that you love dogs as much as we do and are a genuine friend or member of our community. Because of this, don't assume we are a gay group. Our members include straight women, straight men, lesbians, trans, and other friends and advocates who have an equal right to be here. In other words, you can safely assume only two things about anyone in our community: 1) they love dogs, and 2) they're a friend to LGBTQ+ people.

3. Dudes With Dogs share.

From posting selfies with our dogs to letting our guard down and sharing the joys and sorrows of dog ownership, DWDs share our lives with our community. We are not a photo-trading site. In fact, we now require 100% ORIGINAL content. Help us get to know you.

4. Dudes With Dogs are respectful.

DWDs come from different backgrounds and have different opinions, but we always treat each other with respect. We do not condone name-calling, sarcasm, bitch-fights, snarky memes, bye-felicia's, public shaming, or any other form of disrespect. In the end, nobody cares who started it, who was right, or who got the last word. All we'll remember is how you acted. We take this very seriously. Your membership depends on it.

5. Dudes With Dogs are responsible.

Each post in the Dudes With Dogs Facebook group is semi-public in nature and may be seen by thousands of group members. Be responsible for the content and energy you bring to the group. Check yourself before posting vague complaints, generalizing the group based on the actions of individuals, "sh*t-stirring," or bringing up controversial topics and checking out of the conversation. Realize that what Facebook shows you is often based on their algorithms, not reality. Manage the conversations you start and shut them down if they get out of control. Realize your words have power. Follow Thumper's Rule.

6. Dudes With Dogs keep it clean.

Overtly sexual, nude, or graphic photos or videos are never allowed. That means the funny pic of you in the shower, even if your private are covered. Or that adorable pic of your dog sleeping on your crotch. Or that artsy partly nude shot that's already gotten a lot of likes. If you think it may raise eyebrows or upset members when it appears in their news feed, don't do it. Graphic animal abuse photos and videos are also not allowed. This does not mean you can't post about social issues. Just make sure it's a productive post (most abuse posts are not) and that there are no graphic images or links to graphic material. Members are encouraged to Report To Admin for review. Repeat offenders will be banned.

7. Dudes With Dogs participate.

From attending meetups in the real world, volunteering with partner organizations, or helping out a DWD in need, DWDs are active participants in our local and global communities. DWDs are social! We love to meet new people, spread the word about our community, and welcome new members! DWDs are never cliquey. Everyone is always welcome. We believe the more, the merrier.

8. Dudes With Dogs "like" everyone.

DWDs come in all shapes, sizes, ages, colors, and genders, yet, we’re all essentially the same. We like everyone who shares their love for their dog with our community regardless of who they are or what they look like. Remember this when you catch yourself “liking” only the people you think are hot! After all, likes are easy to give, don't cost you anything, encourage sharing, and just might make someone's day!

9. Dudes With Dogs partner.

DWD is pro-business and believes partnering with other businesses and organizations is the best way for us all to succeed. That said, we are also hyper-aware of unauthorized ads and self-serving posts. If you’re interested in promoting your business, please contact us before posting.

10. Dudes With Dogs promote cultural change.

We strive to be a shining example of a healthy, vibrant, supportive, and inclusive community based on our common interest and love of dogs. After all, our dogs teach us on a daily basis how to be authentic and show love for one another. Our mission is to show the world what we’ve learned.