Pet Insurance

Pet parenting is mostly smiles and puppy kisses, but when it's not, it can be awful. A dog eating a squeaky toy, resulting in multiple surgeries and eventual death (this happened to a member). Surprise $6000 surgeries. Tragic accidents. Blown-out knees. Cancer. Genetic problems. Poisonous chewing gum.

The simple fact is most of us are financially unprepared to handle high vet bills. So what do we do? We run up credit cards, ask our families for money, guilt strangers into contributing with a GoFundMe campaign, or worse. None of these are the actions of a responsible dog dad or mom. What is? Putting aside a chunk of money each month for vet bills. But since few people are disciplined enough to do that, what's the next best thing? Pet insurance.

We've always encouraged our members to be our best selves. It's time to encourage better financial responsibility as well.

That's why Dudes With Dogs has partnered with top pet insurance companies like Healthy Paws, Pets Best, and Trupanion.

Ask yourself how you’d pay for a surprise $6000 surgery. If you don’t have a good answer, then just tap the companies below to get some quotes. You might be pleasantly surprised that pet insurance is more affordable than you thought!

Healthy Paws Pet Insurance

Up to 10% off. The number #1 customer-rated pet insurance company for the last 5 years (,, and Discount not available in FL, HI, or TN.

Pets Best Pet Insurance

Up to 5% off, with an additional 5% for the second pet.

Trupanion Pet Insurance

Recommended by over 20,000 veterinarians, Trupanion always reimburses at 90% with unlimited payouts and can pay veterinarians directly in minutes, all to give your pet life-saving care.