We are a popular group and sometimes get blamed for filling people's newsfeeds and inboxes. Sorry we're so popular! :)

But seriously, here are some recommendations for helping you manage the high volume of DWD posts and comments WITHOUT having to leave the group to do it...


This is where people notice us the most. Because we are a high volume group, many of our posts will wind up in your usual newsfeed. Most of our members like that! However, if you'd like to minimize the DWD posts that are in your newsfeed, just Unfollow Dudes With Dogs or Unfollow specific users in the group. Unfortunately, it's kind of an all or nothing setting.

1. Go to your Newsfeed (computer: upper left corner, click the F logo, mobile: lower left corner)

2. Scroll until you find a Dudes With Dogs post.

3. In the upper right corner, click the down arrow.

4. Click Unfollow Dudes With Dogs if you no longer want to see DWD posts in your Newsfeed. Alternatively, if only certain users are becoming too much, just Unfollow that person or Hide All from (Name).

Unfollowing just affects what is shown in the Newsfeed. It doesn't affect your friendships or your membership in DWD. You can always visit us and see everything in the group.

Notifications are complicated and unfortunately Facebook seems to regularly change how they are managed.

1. On a computer, in the upper right corner, click the down arrow, then Settings > General > Notifications. They are now organized by the vehicle by which you're notified: On Facebook, Email, Mobile, and Text. Even though On Facebook is listed first, skip it for now.

2. Email: Are you an "email" person? If you're not, then we recommend selecting "Important notifications about you or activity you missed." This turns most email notifications off except whatever Facebook deems important. If you like getting emails about every little thing, or perhaps are part of a low volume group and want to be notified whenever there is a posting, then turn "All notifications..." on and/or turn on individual types of notifications you've previously turned off. You can also easily unsubscribe from emails that are sent to you.

3. Mobile: You can get notifications on your phone's home screen. We don't recommend setting this up.

4. Text Message: You can get notifications sent via text message. We recommend leaving or turning this off.

5. Now go back to On Facebook. Most of these settings have nothing to do with DWD. We typically recommend turning sounds off, and Tags on. Everything else is up to you. However, with regard to Dudes With Dogs...

6. On Group Activity, select Edit. Your options are All Posts, Friends' Posts, Highlights, or Off. Here's why we skipped On Facebook. If you went with our recommendations and turned off email, mobile, and text notifications, we recommend leaving this setting on All Posts, since the notifications will only be on Facebook. This also allows you to periodically scroll through Notifications and click on items of interest. However, if you are receiving email, mobile, or text notifications (perhaps for other low volume groups), you may want to select Friends' Posts, Highlights, or even Off. With the high volume of our group though, you will miss a lot of stuff.


Sometimes your settings are set how you want them but notifications from an individual post are still annoying you. Condolences or birthdays come to mind as times where this might happen. Just turn off notifications for that post.

1. From mobile or a computer, select the down arrow in the upper right corner of the post.

2. Select Turn Off Notifications.

Regardless of your settings, you'll always be able to go directly to the group and view everything.