About us

Dudes With Dogs® was founded in February 2014 on one guy's hunch that people who love dogs would probably also like each other. After all, being a "dog dad" is one of the most special relationships we'll have, and it's exciting and touching to be able to share that part of our lives with those who feel the same.

Dudes With Dogs is a global community of close to 40,000 members in primarily North America, Western Europe, and Australia. We currently use Facebook as our platform and also touch thousands of followers on Instagram and other social media.

We say we're the original, diverse, inclusive, and enthusiastic community of dog lovers, although being original isn't nearly as important as the values we uphold. We are extremely proud of our group's diversity and inclusivity of all dog lovers. As for the enthusiastic part, just ask any DWD how much they love our community!

Still have questions? Then please check out our F.A.Q.

And then join us and start making fetch happen!

Dudes With Dogs Founder Chris Rolczynski with Frankie (Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles, CA).