Background. As Dudes With Dogs gets bigger, we become more attractive to advertisers. And who can blame them? We're a huge, enthusiastic, laser-focused special interest group, and the men's, pet, and gay communities have money to spend and businesses poised to help us spend it. 

However, DWD members come for the community content, not to wade through ads. As a result, members aren't allowed to advertise goods or services without sponsorship or management approval.

Pro-business. But that doesn't mean we're anti-business. Quite the contrary! We believe working together is the best way for us all to succeed. After all, DWD is not just an awesome community, but we're also a business and it's our goal to balance the fine line of meeting our members' needs with the necessity of paying the rent.

Thankfully, our members are on the same page. We appreciate advertisers who "play by the rules" and contribute to and support our community. Members are encouraged to Report to Admin any posts that are blatant unapproved advertisements. You'll know when an ad is approved because it will be posted by and to the Dudes With Dogs Facebook Page.

Ad options. Have a product or service you want to advertise in Dudes With Dogs? Great! There are currently three ways to do it.

1. Single post: $25 (Introductory pricing). Posted by and to the Dudes With Dogs Facebook page, and shared to the Dudes With Dogs Facebook group. Your marketing message could be seen by over 13K+ page followers and close to 42,000 group members! It's best for you to be a group member so that you can guide the conversation and/or keep the post alive for up to one week. As you develop your copy, keep in mind that unless your post is engaging it will drop to the bottom of the barrel very quickly. Posts that ask questions or solicit conversation are best. For example a dog food company might best start their ad by asking "What do you feed your dogs?" rather than just introducing your product. You're trying to start a conversation or elicit a response that will both a) cause our members to notice your product and b) keep your post alive so that more people will notice it.

2. Cover photo hijacking: $75 (Introductory pricing)

All the benefits of a Single post option with the addition of cover photo hijacking for 24 hours (both Page and Group). Since cover photos are also posts within the group, you will be able to continue the conversation on the page and in the group after the cover photo expires.

Here's how it works.

  • Contact DWD to indicate your interest in participating and get approval for the project.
  • Create an image that visually highlights your offering, while aligning with the look and feel of our group (the image is meant to be effective, but not disruptive or annoying to members).
  • Write the cover photo's associated text description and include any other compelling details, offers, links, urls, or calls to action.
  • Submit your Paypal payment along with suggested ad schedule.
    • DWD will contact you to confirm the ad and schedule.
    • After the ad runs, monitor the conversation and determine effectiveness.

    3. Instagram:  FREE (For now!)

    Are you a photographer? Another type of business with great photos of dudes with their dogs? Then let us use your photos to create edited and branded photos for This benefits DWD by growing our portfolio of images, and benefits you because we use the opportunity to advertise or credit the subject or photographer. Images need to be original, high quality, fit the look and feel of our other images, include men and dogs, not be seen elsewhere on the web, and we also prefer that subjects be members of the group.

    Ad Options