DWD LOCAL – Dudes With Dogs



Because even though it's fun sharing photos and videos with DWDs around the world, sometimes you just wanna meet someone who lives down the street, meet-up at the dog park, share recommendations about local services, volunteer at a local charity, help out a rescue, or watch each other's dog when you go away for the weekend. ALL OF THIS HAPPENS LOCALLY.

So if you live within 50 miles** of one of these cities, please join up! It's a simple two step process...

STEP 1) TAP THE LINK below to opt-in to allow us to communicate with you. Then we can remind you of meetups, contests, and events. (Although you'll be asked to confirm your email, we're not planning to use email much. We'll be using our Messenger Chat bot system primarily so please remember to tap "Send to Messenger").

STEP 2) JOIN THE GROUP. Just follow the prompts to sign up for the appropriate Facebook group. Keep in mind that sub-groups are not connected to DWD Global, so if there's a post you want both Global and Local members to see, you'll want to post in both places.

* Locations were selected based on current DWD Global membership (and they're actually in order from high to low!), but we have our sights set on other cities too, like Austin, Boston, Washington, D.C., Denver, San Antonio, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Portland, Sacramento, and others!

** In the interest of authenticity (DROOL #1!), please only join the one in your area or to which you travel frequently.