We started out on Facebook but we're starting to outgrow it!

Global Facebook group and page

Dudes With Dogs Group (~40,000 members). Private group. Semi-public forum. Strict rules for behavior. Intense community. May change the way you Facebook.

Dudes With Dogs Page (~12,000 followers). Public page. Like us and be sure to check in occasionally for informal engagement.

Regional Facebook pages: Regional info. Local events. Local DWDs.

Dudes With Dogs - Los Angeles

Dudes With Dogs - Seattle

Attachment Unavailable error. Unfortunately, there's an annoying error that sometimes happens when sharing from your personal Facebook page to the group. Learn how to avoid it.

Animal abuse posts. Sometimes people think it's productive to share animal abuse posts in the group. Usually, it's not.

Controversial posts. We find that the same topics always seem to cause fighting. Be responsible for what you post.

Managing your newsfeed and notifications. Has Dudes With Dogs taken over your Facebook? Not happy about it? Learn how to fix it without leaving DWD.

Appearances can be deceiving. Does it sometimes seem like the group is mostly dead dogs and shirtless selfies? That's because those posts tend to get the most likes.