Facebook has been our home for over three years! We began as a little Facebook group and now have a page, multiple "channels," and regional pages as well.

We've recently split our content into the following three channels: COMMUNITY, ENTERTAINMENT, and CHARITY. Though technically separate Facebook groups, we encourage members to think of them as "channels" of content to which you can subscribe. Here's why.

Facebook Page

Dudes With Dogs Page (14,000+ followers). LIKE US! This is the public face of our organization on Facebook and gives members and the public easy access to products, offers, and partners.

Facebook Channels

Dudes With Dogs COMMUNITY (51,000+ members). 100% ORIGINAL CONTENT from our members! Private. Semi-public forum. Strict rules for behavior, but intense, fun, and addictive. No ads, unless approved by DWD. May change the way you Facebook!

Dudes With Dogs ENTERTAINMENT (NEW!) New channel focusing on shared content like viral videos, memes, photos, and products. Anything by companies like Buzzfeed, UNILAD, The Dodo, or Upworthy, etc. Share your original content here if you are trying to make your dog into a star!

Dudes With Dogs CHARITY (NEW!) Brand new channel that focuses on rescues, shelters, charities, and giving. If you have a heart for service or giving, tune in and help make DWD an organization that helps others. 

Regional Facebook pages: Regional info. Local events. Local DWDs.

DWD Atlanta

DWD Australia

DWD Baltimore/D.C.

DWD Boston

DWD Carolinas

DWD Chicago

DWD Columbus

DWD Denver

DWD London

DWD Los Angeles

DWD Minneapolis

DWD New York

DWD Orlando

DWD Palm Springs

DWD Phoenix

DWD Pittsburgh

DWD Portland


DWD Puerto Vallarta


DWD Salt Lake City

DWD San Diego

DWD Seattle

DWD S.F./Bay Area

DWD South Florida

DWD Texas

DWD Toronto

DWD Vancouver

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Animal abuse posts. Sometimes people think it's productive to share animal abuse posts in the group. Usually, it's not.

Controversial posts. We find that the same topics always seem to cause fighting. Be responsible for what you post.

Managing your newsfeed and notifications. Has Dudes With Dogs taken over your Facebook? Not happy about it? Learn how to fix it without leaving DWD.

Appearances can be deceiving. Does it sometimes seem like the group is mostly dead dogs and shirtless selfies? That's because those posts tend to get the most likes.