Pet insurance

Dudes With Dogs knows owning a dog is mostly smiles and puppy kisses, but when it's not, it can be awful. A dog eating a squeaky toy, resulting in multiple surgeries and eventual death. Tragic accidents. Blown-out knees. Cancer. Genetic problems. Poisonous chewing gum.

The simple fact is that most of us are financially unprepared to handle high vet bills. So what do we do? We run up our credit cards, ask our families for money, rely on a GoFundMe campaign to beg from strangers, or worse. None of these are the actions of a responsible pet parent. What is? Setting aside a chunk of money each month for inevitable high vet bills. But since almost no one does that, what's the next best thing? Pet insurance.

We've always encouraged our members to be our best selves. It's high time we encouraged better financial responsibility as well. And we want to help.

Dudes With Dogs has partnered with FIGO Pet Insurance, a pet insurance company making pet care easier for pet parents. How so? By using technology to help streamline your pet's care. Or making claims as easy as taking a photo of your bill. Or helping your dog get returned to you when she's lost. FIGO is a fairly new company, but they're backed by Markel Specialty, an A- rated company that's been around since 1930. They're also gay-founded and operated.

We've negotiated a full 10% off* for all DWDs who use this link. You can confirm the link is correct when the DWD promo code is auto-populated on your application.

Let's be responsible dog dads.

Still not convinced about pet insurance? See for yourself.

Not sure FIGO is right for you? Check out this comparison chart or take advantage of our negotiated discounts with other leading companies.

* Discount not available in Puerto Rico or Tennessee. Discount not available but coming soon to South Carolina. FIGO not available in Kentucky.