Photo submissions

The majority of the awesome photos in DWD's Instagram account are curated, edited, and branded versions of user-submitted photos from our Facebook group and pages. We think of our Instagrams as little "album covers" and try very hard to preserve a high level of quality while making our members look their best.

If you were asked if DWD could feature your photo, please review our user-submitted content use policy and submit your photo.

If you are a fan of our Instagram account and would like to be featured, or have a great original photo you think fits our brand, please submit if for consideration. Please keep in mind that the majority of photos don't work for one reason or another, so please don't be upset if your photo is not selected.

How to submit your photo. Please email your original photo (high resolution and unedited) to and include the following information for all photo subjects:

  • First and last name
  • City, state, and country of residence
  • Location where photo was taken (if different)
  • Instagram handle if you have one
  • Facebook username (
  • Dog's name
  • Dog's breed if known
  • Dog's Instagram handle if they have one
  • Anything else of import such as a hashtag you're trying to make happen, your website, photographer credit, a special cause, or your occupation.

What we look for:

  • At least one dude and one dog
  • Attractive subjects representing our diverse community
  • Varied and interesting subject matter
  • Artistic, designy, or interesting composition
  • Shows the unique and special relationship between dude and dog
  • High-res, unedited, clear photo
  • Photos taken with a real camera or a phone's higher-quality back camera
  • Professional photos (we credit your photographer)
  • Uncluttered background
  • "White space" for branding
  • Level horizons or vertical elements
  • Plenty of space to allow for leveling and cropping
  • Subjects looking into the camera lens, not the display
  • Exclusive photo not already plastered all over Instagram
  • Preference to members of the Dudes With Dogs community

Tips for taking great delfies:

  • Don't have a recent phone with a high-res front camera? Then turn your phone over and use the back camera. You might have to take a few shots to frame yourself correctly, but the camera is higher quality and you'll be looking into the lens instead of the display.
  • Want to use your front camera? Then use your phone's display to frame your photo, but then look at the camera lens before snapping your photo.
  • Don't zoom! Phones don't have optical zoom, so all your digital zooming does is create a blurry pre-cropped photo. Always take your photo in your phones maximum resolution and then crop it later.
  • Don't frame your shot tightly. Leave lots of space around you or your subjects so you can rotate and/or crop the photo afterwards.
  • Find a pal to take your and your dog's photo and then return the favor.

Thank you! We appreciate each of you who wish to contribute to the visual history of the Dudes With Dogs community and brand.