User-submitted content use policy

Thanks to all DWDs for sharing your lives with our community on a daily basis. Your awesome photos provide a window into your world and make DWD the amazing and addictive place you enjoy coming to every day.

Occasionally we encounter images we think are particularly special and want to feature outside our community or highlight within our community. Since DWD is primarily a closed network, featuring photos provides a public face to our community and helps develop the DWD brand visually. We have a blast creating edited and branded versions of your photos, and we hear you love it too! At the same time, we take the opportunity to promote or bring some brief attention to you as well.

Features. Defined as public sharing outside the Dudes With Dogs community, specifically this website, Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr. Since these are public locations, we typically ask permission first, usually in the comments of your post. Please respond back right away and if you are interested, submit your photo. We hope you consider it an honor to be included and associated with the DWD brand.

Highlights. Defined as private sharing within our community, specifically the Facebook Page and Facebook Group cover photos. Since these locations are within our community, we typically don't ask permission first. Not asking permission helps us edit the image quickly and happily surprise you when your photo is selected. We always try to tag or credit you in the description and will immediately remove path photos if requested to do so so.

Ownership. Please note that although you retain full ownership of your originally submitted photo, Dudes With Dogs will fully own the resulting edited and branded photo. Keep in mind that we will always attempt to credit or tag you whenever possible, but it's important that we fully own the branded photos so that we are able to publish them both online and offline.

#BestOfDWD. Lastly, as we continue to get bigger, it's impossible for DWD management to see every post and we often miss great photos. If you see a photo that deserves featuring, please nominate it by using the hashtag #bestofdwd or better yet, encourage the poster to submit the photo themselves.