Poster responsibility

The best part of the DWD experience is the community-building that occurs through the sharing of all-original user-submitted content. DWDs share photos and videos of ourselves and our pups, and start conversations of interest to our community.

However, that same community experience can turn ugly really quickly. There are a number of topics that almost always lead to heated discussions, fights, and even disrespect and name-calling among members. DWDs have even left the group after a couple epic brawls.

We've found that the following topics tend to be most controversial:

* animal abuse
* animal violence
* animal alteration (cropped ears, tails, etc.)
* animal safety
* animal training
* seemingly callous rehoming of animals
* breed favoritism or disparagement
* "service" or "emotional support" animals
* crating
* unnecessarily sexy ("thirsty") photos
* jokes at others' expense (racism, misogyny, etc.)
* jokes or videos meant to be funny, but are only funny to some
* political posts

And though we do restrict some photo content,* we don't typically restrict topics. DWD is in the business of creating community, not being the thought police. As such, it's everyone's responsibility to share in the moderation of our group.

TAKE OWNERSHIP OF THE CONVERSATIONS YOU START. If you feel it's important to create a post, share a story, or start a conversation, then go for it. However, you must REMAIN RESPONSIBLE for it, especially it it's a controversial topic. Keep an eye on the conversation, moderate it, and if it goes south, remind people to be respectful (Drool #6**), Report to Admin, or simply DELETE YOUR POST.

DO NOT ACT PROUD, tell people to lighten up, or insist on your right to post something that is obviously upsetting people. There is no shame in apology. Rather, we will respect you for realizing you are doing damage, apologizing, and removing your post. The best way to do it is to step in and comment the post, saying that you realize your post is causing conflict, apologize, and say you will delete it in two minutes. Then delete it.

Think of posts like camp fires. Fires are useful but they are also dangerous. If you start one, you know you have to stick around, watch it, make sure it doesn't get out of hand, and put it out if necessary. What I'm trying to say here, is don't light matches in DWD and walk away. LOTS of damage can result, even if it wasn't your intention. Instead, let's be responsible, happy campers.

* We always restrict photos with graphic animal abuse or sexual content.