Photo Submissions


Curate, edit, brand

The majority of the images in our Instagram account are curated, edited, and branded versions of original user-submitted photos from our community. We think of the resulting images as little "album covers" and try really hard to achieve a high quality image while making you look your best.


The currency on social media is reciprocity and the best way to grow (if you're not a reality star) is through organic cross-promotion. We'll post your image to our permanent wall, temporary story, and also share to our Facebook page. That's over 100K potential viewers! So we ask for the same in return (permanent for permanent please). After posting, we'll send you the edited images via email so you can share on all your socials and encourage your friends and followers to also follow @dudeswithdogs and/or join our community on Facebook.

NOTE: If it's important to you not to have redundant photos on your permanent wall, make sure to send us fresh photos so you can post our edit instead!


Please review our user-submitted content use policy and submit your photo for consideration using the button above. Please keep in mind that more than half of submitted photos don't work for one reason or another, so please don't be upset if your photo isn't selected.

Please include

  • Subject's first and last name

  • City, state/country of residence

  • Location where photo was taken (if different)

  • Instagram handle

  • Dog's name

  • Dog's breed if known

  • Dog's Instagram handle if they have one

  • Photographer IG handle if they’d like credit

What we look for

  • At least one dude and one dog

  • Attractive subjects representing our diverse community

  • Artistic, designy, or interesting composition

  • Portrays the unique and special relationship between dude and dog

  • High-resolution and unedited

  • Photos taken with a real camera or a phone's high-quality back camera

  • Uncluttered background

  • "White space" for branding, leveling, and cropping

  • Subjects looking into the camera lens, not the display

  • No sunglasses, please! Your eyes make the connection with the viewer.

  • Exclusive photo not already plastered all over the Internet

  • Big plus is you are a member of our community

  • Professional photos (we credit your photographer)

Tips for taking great selfies with your dog

  • Don't have a recent phone with a high-res front camera? Then turn your phone over and use the back camera. You might have to take a few shots to frame yourself correctly, but the camera is higher quality and you'll be looking into the lens instead of the display.

  • Want to use your front camera? Then use your phone's display to frame your photo, but then LOOK INTO THE LENS before snapping your photo. (Don't know where it is? It's usually up by the speaker.)

  • Don't zoom! Most phones don't have optical zoom, so all you're doing is creating a blurry pre-cropped photo.

  • Don't frame your shot tightly. Leave lots of space around you or your subjects so you can rotate and/or crop the photo afterwards.

  • Always take your photo in your phone's maximum resolution and keep the original! Uploading to Facebook and then deleting the original is a common mistake that leaves you with poor quality compressed images that you're unable to edit well later and that you don't actually even own!

  • Find a pal to take your and your dog's photo and then return the favor!