We’re building the 🌎 global 🏳️‍🌈 lgbt-inclusive community of 🐶 dog ❤️ lovers.



Dudes With Dogs® (DWD) was founded by Chris Rolczynski in 2014 after noticing the positive effect dogs have on lgbt+ lives like his own.

After all, dogs aren't just cute af — they're our kids, best friends, and teachers. They teach us to be authentic, inclusive, and love unconditionally.

And since dog lovers have instant rapport with each other, and are scientifically 300% more attractive when our dogs are around, we're pretty sure DWD will become your new healthy addiction.

But the point of all this isn’t just the cute dog pics. That’s just what gets you in the door.

Our purpose is to create opportunities for lgbt-inclusive dog lovers to connect in a meaningful way.

So join us!

Our new home on Mighty Networks helps you make meaningful connections with other members near you. We’re actually archiving our huge Facebook group soon, but you’re welcome to join until we do! And Instagram is, well, super cute.

Let’s achieve our purpose, together.



on Mighty Networks


Our new home

Dudes With Dogs has been around for almost 6 years! We’ve grown a lot, but we’re still far from achieving our purpose. It’s time for something new.

That’s why we’ve created a new home on Mighty Networks, a new social media platform that puts our community front-and-center and has the features we need to help YOU connect.

Discover other members near you

With Mighty Networks, you can discover other members who live near you, even if you don’t live in a big city (and 1/3 of our members don’t).

After all, your life is local. So let’s make it easier for you to meet friends for puppy playdates or a dog park buddy, to save money by watching each other’s dogs when you’re away, or maybe even meet that special someone who loves dogs as much as you.

Mighty Networks has a lot of other great features like the ability to follow Topics important to you, find members into the same Dog Breed as you, a chronological feed that lets catch up on everything, and a gorgeous and intuitive design.

Now free to join!

Mighty Networks is now 100% roadblock free!

Though, to be honest, we’d sure appreciate it if you chose to join us as a Supporting Member or Patron. We have lots of expenses that are hard to pay for without money, including the software our network runs on. So if you appreciate what we’re doing for you and our community, please consider supporting us.




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Sharing since ‘14

We’ve been sharing doggie selfies, advice, and support with each other since 2014, and now with over 85,000 members, it's a little out of control! That, along with many other reasons, is why we’ve made the difficult decision to archive the group by the end of the year as we focus efforts on our new home on Mighty Networks.

So join us on Mighty Networks!.

Like cats or viral videos?

For now, we’ll be keeping our other Facebook Groups active, including CHAPS WITH CATS™ and PET SHARES (by Dudes With Dogs®/Chaps With Cats™).




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Follow @dudeswithdogs and join over 37,000 who enjoy our 1000+ permanent images and countless daily stories.

Or be part of the show

Stories are the easiest way to join in on the fun. Just “big mention” us to proudly introduce us to your friends, and we'll return the favor! We call these “story collaborations” and they create a sense of community out of what was once just an audience.

Features are the images on our permanent wall — curated, edited, and branded versions of some of our community's most compelling user-submitted images. Wanna be featured? Visit our submissions page and DM to start the conversation.



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